Pyramid Challenge: Creative Workspaces

The last few weeks have brought about many changes for all of us, including the transition to working remotely from home. And that’s forcing a lot of us to get creative. Some of us have set up our offices on our beds. Others have migrated to kitchen tables or couches. And in the absence of proper work-from-home infrastructure (like, you know, an actual desk), a lot of people are getting super creative.


Thank you to everyone that participated in this challenge, and thank you to everyone that submitted their votes!

And the winners are…

MIke Mammolito

1st Place: Mike Mammolito

18 votes

Danielle Cox

2nd Place: Danielle Cox

17 votes

Owen Christensen Pic 1

3rd Place: Owen Christensen

10 votes


Thank you to everyone that participated in this challenge! Check out all of the unique submissions below: