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Flock Safety Cameras Help Keep Destiny USA and Syracuse Community Safe


Flock Safety Cameras Prove to be a Game-Changer in Keeping Destiny USA and Syracuse Community Safe

— License Plate Reading Cameras Prove Instrumental in Crime Prevention and Resolution, Garnering Recognition from State Law Enforcement Agencies —

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SYRACUSE, NY — Six months into its partnership with the Syracuse Police Department and Flock Safety, Destiny USA’s License Plate Reading (LPR) cameras have proven to be a powerful tool in preventing and solving crime in the Syracuse community. Flock Safety cameras have scanned nearly 400,000 vehicles per month since the program began in August of 2023, and provide law enforcement with real-time data to identify the make, model, color, and license plate of each vehicle entering and exiting every vehicle entrance to Destiny USA.

“Thanks to the Flock cameras and our partnership with the Syracuse Police Department, we’re literally meeting a small group of trespassed individuals and repeat shoplifters at the door – before they enter the property, and that’s an absolute game-changer in our efforts to provide a safe environment to everyone that visits Destiny USA,” said Stephen J. Congel, Chief Executive Officer of Pyramid Management Group. “What’s more, our cameras are also enhancing the ways law enforcement agencies like the Syracuse Police Department are able to prevent and solve crime, and that’s good news for our entire community.”

“The Syracuse Police Department applauds Destiny USA’s continued investments and improvements toward public safety that effectively provide a safe and enjoyable experience for guests from all over the region,” said Syracuse Chief of Police, Joseph L. Cecile. “Our partnership with Pyramid has never been stronger, and we look forward to working with them to find progressive, best-practice strategies to further enhance the shopping experience at Destiny USA.”   ​

The success stories from the Flock Safety camera system are numerous:

  • Trespass Enforcement: Using vehicle license plates, Destiny USA has been able to identify and prohibit individuals who have previously been trespassed from the property and are attempting to re-enter.
    • SUCCESS STORY: In November and December of 2023, trespassed individuals were caught entering Destiny USA’s parking lots after having their vehicle’s license plates scanned by Flock Safety cameras. Upon entering Destiny USA, the individuals were intercepted by the new Syracuse Police Department Bike Patrol, ticketed and promptly escorted out of the building.
  • Shoplifting Deterrence: The Flock Safety cameras have proven invaluable in identifying and stopping shoplifters in their tracks. The real-time alerts sent to law enforcement have enabled quick responses to the arrival of these individuals on property, leading to apprehensions and reduced theft.
    • SUCCESS STORY: After months of a highly coordinated shoplifting campaign by a group individuals, license plate data from one of associated vehicles used was entered into the Flock Safety database. The next time these individuals arrived on-site at Destiny USA, both Destiny USA security and the Syracuse Police Department were immediately notified, and immediately apprehended.
  • Aiding Ongoing SPD Investigations: The data generated by the Flock Safety cameras available to the Syracuse Police Department has been a valuable asset in aiding ongoing investigations for SPD and other law enforcement agencies. The ability to access real-time information has accelerated their efforts and improved case resolution in addition to arrests made.
    • SUCCESS STORY: A suspect in an ongoing investigation by the Syracuse Police Department committed a crime in the City of Syracuse, then later drove their vehicle to Destiny USA, which was immediately flagged by the Flock Safety cameras. The Flock Safety cameras alerted Syracuse Police immediately, and the information was used in the investigation and arrest of the suspect.

Furthermore, the success of the program has garnered attention from other state law enforcement agencies, crime labs, and police departments, which are now tapping into the Syracuse Police Department’s Flock Safety data to assist in their own investigations. In fact, because of the successful results at Destiny USA, in just in the last 30 days, 385 Flock searches on Destiny USA cameras have been conducted by the 11 New York State Crime Labs and county law enforcement. The collaborative approach and data sharing have created a ripple effect of improved safety and security throughout the region.

Founded in 2017, Flock Safety is a public safety operating system that aims to eliminate crime while respecting individual rights, building devices that capture objective evidence and use machine learning to detect and deliver unbiased investigative leads to law enforcement. Communities that have implemented Flock Safety have reported crime reductions of up to 70% and the system is now used by more than 3,700 communities in the United States.


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